Becoming a Global Solution Partner,
Creating a Future Beyond What We See


2024 V-AF Series (1.7x Anamorphic MF Adapter)
2024 Company name changed to LK SAMYANG Co., Ltd
2013 Spun off as Samyang Optics Co., Ltd
2015 Released Cinema Lens "XEEN"
2016 Released Auto Focus Lens (14mm, 50mm / Sony E-mount)
2016 Released DSLR Premium Lens (14mm, 85mm)
2017 Expanded Auto Focus Lens lineup, Selected as World
2018 Auto Focus Lens TIPAAward-First in Korea Auto Focus Lens, etc. won the iF Design awards
2019 XP 10mm F3.5 World's Widest Prime Lens XEEN CF (24mm/50mm/85mm)
2020 Auto Focus Lens won 2020 iF Design Award
Expanded its business to Industrial Solutions with machine vision lenses
Attended San Francisco SPIE Photonics 2020
2021 Released SMV-90M82
2022 Released SMV-12M19C / SMV-16M19C / SMV-25M19C
2023 Released SMV-35M19C / SMV-50M19C
1972 Incorporated as Korea WAKO Co., Ltd
1985 Started camera production
2001 Developed/released CCTV Lens (550, 2810, 358)
2006 Developed/released HYBRID Aspheric, PLASTIC Aspheric, and CCTV MEGA PIXEL Lenses
2008 Developed/released DSLR Interchangeable Lens 85mm F1 .4
2009 Developed/released DSLR Interchangeable Lens 8mm F3.5
2010 Developed/released DSLR Interchangeable Lens 14mm F2.8
2011 Developed/released CSC Interchangeable Lens 7.5mm F3.5 and DSLR Interchangeable Lens 35mm F1 .5
2012 Developed/released DSLR Interchangeable Lens 24mm F1 .4, CSC Interchangeable Lens 8mm F2.8, and VDSLR Interchangeable Lens 35mm T1 .5

Core Value

LK SAMYANG is committed to becoming a global solution partner, creating a future beyond what we see.

LK SAMYANG believes living by core values is the key to good business.
We value 'challenge, innovation, perfection, and teamwork'
to aim for 'Broadening Horizon, Renewing Innovation, Enriching Value, and Going Together.'

Dive into new markets and
future possibilities
beyond the immediate horizon
Aim for peak performance
and progress
driven by continuous innovation
Provide superior products
and solutions that
enhance customer value
based on accumulated expertise
Create a collaborative culture
through positive attitudes
and proactive communication