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Samyang Optics acquires the Kavas thermal imaging camera division

Samyang Optics, a global optical company, announced on August 10 that it has completed the acquisition of the thermal imaging camera division of Kavas Co., Ltd.

Samyang Optics will maximize the competitiveness of thermal imaging camera products and enter the thermal imaging camera market by adding its core competencies such as R&D, production capabilities, and sales know-how after the acquisition of the thermal imaging camera division of Kavas.


Samyang is expecting that the synergy effect is expected to be great when Samyang Optics' core competencies are added to Kavas. A thermal imaging division of Kavas has the technology for overall thermal imaging camera systems such as sensor driving, modularization, optical system design, camera operation S/W, system integration while Samyang has lens manufacturing, sales, product planning and R&D (mechanism) competency. Samyang added that it is expected to be able to establish itself as a main player in the domestic thermal imaging camera market through this.

Samyang Optics possesses core optical technology through 40 years of business know-how. In particular, it has successfully entered the auto focus lens market from 2016 and has diversified its product portfolio. Based on these technological prowess, it will challenge a new market called the thermal imaging camera market and establish a foothold as a comprehensive optical equipment company.

Hwang Choong-hyun, CEO of Samyang Optics, said, “Because the core technology of ultra-precision optics has high business expandability, it is possible to enter into various fields that can create high added value. We will grow into a comprehensive optical solution brand.”