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Samyang Optics enters the industrial machine vision market

Samyang Optics recently announced that it will enter the industrial machine vision market following interchangeable lenses for cameras as it unveiled a lineup of lenses for industrial machine vision.


Samyang Optics' machine vision lens is characterized by realizing high resolution and low distortion from the center of the image to the corner based on the know-how of interchangeable lens design that the company has accumulated for a long time. In addition, it is expected to be a lens lineup suitable for machine vision by adopting focus and diaphragm fixing pins in consideration of the convenience of the machine vision industry and realizing a solid exterior.



As of June 2020, Samyang has released 5 types of F-mount lenses that support Full Frame, 43.2mm image sensors, and 2 types of lenses will be added within this year, and M-mount conversion solutions that reflect the needs of camera brands to change mounts are also under development.



In addition, Samyang is preparing to release a C-mount lens that can respond to a 1.1” (17.6mm) sensor. This lens is expected to be compatible with a 4/3” sensor and an image sensor of up to 28.5mm, so it can be applied to a wider variety of fields.  In addition, it is known that lenses corresponding to the 82mm large-area sensor are being reviewed, and related industries are drawing attention.



Samyang Optics said, “Based on the optical know-how cultivated through interchangeable lenses for cameras, we are developing and producing new industrial lenses such as machine vision lenses. In particular, fixing pins have been applied to the focus and aperture to make it easier to use in industrial sites, and we are responding to customer needs with a sturdy body suitable for industrial use and a diverse lineup specialized in high resolution and high performance.”